​We think and approach risk differently and do not merely accept the status quo. Our competitors tend to use the spreadsheet as their main analytical tool. We use a variety of tools in our arsenal and employ every resource available in order to gain an informational and data analytical advantage.

We do have many of the same products and services:
Benefit Administration and Brokerage Services
Benefit Plan Design and Consultation
Carrier Selection and Negotiation
Enrollment, administration and record keeping
ACA Compliance
Online enrollment solutions
Plan Document Preparation
Flexible Spending Account Oversight
Health and Welfare outsourcing services
Executive Benefits
Voluntary and Supplemental Benefits
We have 40 years of vast experience with employers of all sizes, all industries and all variety of funding mechanisms (self-insured, fully insured, partially self-funded).
We use a variety of platforms to achieve the desired results.
We do not spreadsheet to achieve our results but instead customize based on the group’s unique demographics to tailor our results.
We work with alternative markets (captives and self-insurance).
We are creative about honing our solutions (i.e. cashless transactions within experience rated groups).
We possess the technical staff to do the analytics required to deconstruct the carrier rating systems. We employ mathematicians, actuaries and underwriters who develop the risk profile, not sales people.
We have the capacity to serve as a reinsurance intermediary for placement of stop loss.
We have our own Third Party Administrator (TPA) which does the benefit administration for alternative funding programs.
Speak with a Kinghorn & Company Consultant:

Speak with a Kinghorn & Company Consultant: