We turn challenges into opportunities…

We help you approach your benefits program very strategically. We know you need to add value while being good stewards of your organization’s resources.

Strategic health and benefits solutions: The strongest options define answers for pressing challenges while balancing cost constraints. By combining the right mix of health and benefits plans, support resources and technology, businesses can save an average of 8% in the first year.

Long-term value: Choosing the right strategic plan that fits your business and budget is a good start. By broadening the aperture to opportunities beyond your health plans in pharmacy benefits, stop loss, network design, etc. you will achieve optimal results.

Contract negotiation: We help you secure the best pricing, solutions and service. It takes valued partners. We broker and advise on options for fully insured or self-insured medical coverage as well as broad range of dental and vision benefits, death and disability coverage, and other voluntary benefits that provide an enhanced value to your employees.

Guidance: Healthcare costs rival retirement plans as a line item — and self-insured companies bear the responsibility of managing those funds. Our expertise is invaluable to provide you with a thorough evaluation, audit and recommendations to make sure your employees and your bottom line are protected.

Risk management and compliance: Financial and regulatory risks abound and the ability to attain compliant solutions and help control the costs of health and other benefits is paramount. Our compliance specialists will evaluate your organization’s health-related risks and define options that can reduce your claims and premiums.

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