We collaborate:  We will work with your key financial and HR personnel to have them learn the fundamentals of developing an effective benefit strategy.  This process provides the context with which to evaluate the information that we provide later and helps them take an active role in evaluating your existing benefit programs.

We identify sources of needed information:  We collect plan information, identify and extract data and work with the staff who are involved in the oversight of your existing benefit plan.

We synthesize information: We prepare a series of reports that describe the nature of your risk, an evaluation of the core elements of the existing program, and our insights into the most effective benefit strategy.

We develop optimal plan designs: We present you with a variety of options and delivery systems, that are best suited to your risk profile and operational constraints in order to get your “buy in” before we vend the program out to the markets.  Most importantly, we can tell you in advance EXACTLY the reasons why you will get a particular result from a particular plan design BEFORE you place a toe in the water

We present options:  While we are the region’s experts in various forms of self-insurance, we recognize that for some clients self-insuring is a fantastically successful tool.  Similarly, for some clients having a single HMO is the most effective cost control tool while for others it might be offering employees a choice between two or more insurers or benefit options – size alone has little to do with it.

We empower you:  We help you develop your own yardstick with which you can assess our recommendations as well as your existing program and, as a general principle, there are really just three measures: cost, employee satisfaction, and the ability of the plan to limit increases over time.